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Jun. 1st, 2007 | 09:06 am
location: my kitchen
mood: sore sore
music: All about loving you [[ Bon Jovi ]]

my knee gave out from standing up.. HAHAHAHA
so guess whose been up since like 5:30AM.. lol

i worked dressing room last night, which is in fact harder than it looks, and they only made me do half of what im really supposed to do because im new.. hmm.
I guess it went by okay...

I worked with Jeanine Jeha.. yesterday was her 1st day too, so that was kinda cool.. she works at hollister too, which i was going to apply for.. and she said it's like 092039 times better.. so i might just go ahead and do that.. they've already gave her crap.. bah. lol

there was some rude fake tanned blonde girl.. who tried on like 6 dresses for graduation, and when she was done.. she like half assed put them back on the hanger or didnt do it at all.. and her mom was like "you could at least make it a little easier for the people here" and she was like "mom, this is what they get paid to do" and threw the dresses at me.. BITCH UR LUCKY I WAS WORKING OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU!!!!

YOU ALL SHOULD COME VISIT ME ON SUNDAY!! I WORK 11-5.. *coughs*hint*coughs*

hahah, ok so... uhm.. yah. My boyfriend is coming today :D
i havent seen him in like... 3 days... *snickers* pathetic much? lol

Happy June!!! :D

well i guess im peacin... latahhhh

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From: matchstick_139
Date: Jun. 1st, 2006 06:53 pm (UTC)

Bon Jovi!

Sorry. Just noticed the song up top and felt the need to do my obligatory Fan Girl squeal. :-D

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